Hey everyone!! So sorry I didn’t post the first night! Ill fill you in a little bit 🙂 so I landed in Toronto and got picked up by 2 of the funniest people I have met! We called them snooki and jwoww, (their idea) hahah I still haven’t learnt their real name!! Then I was escorted to my room and met my awesome roommate Celest! then we went to the welcome party and was greeted by some amazing sponsors! Hi-tec is giving us some awesome running shoes! I am tooo excited!!!

Now on to the 2nd day. We woke up around 830 and ate some breakfast and that was the start to a very very long day!! We got our hair and make up done which took HOURS seeing as there is 65 of us 🙂 hahah, then we did pure interview, our photo shoot, AND a video interview!! All of which were absolutely amazing! Also, we also got to practice our walk with another member of the miss teen Canada world pageant crew!


Want to know the highlight of my days?! I got to meet Miss Teen Canada World 2013, Megha Sandu. How amazing?! I know 🙂


well now I’m off to get my eyelash extensions! I have to wake up in 4 hours to start another busy day but I guess beauty is pain, and sleepless apparently 😉

keep checking for more posts! This is just the start of it!


xoxo- Brooklyn rinas


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