My commercial would start off with an intro spoken out loud with dim music in the background and the TV would be showing the Rocky Mountain House golf course!

Are you trying to think of the perfect present for a family member? Do they love golfing? A personalized golf towel would be perfect! just think, it’s a hot day, they’re golfing, they just hit a hole in one and they can feel the sweat dripping down their face! What do they grab? They’re personalized golf towel they got from you of course!

When I think of golfing I immediately think of my uncle Wayne. He loved to golf and even more he loved his personalized golf towel he received from his son! So after the intro I would go to a scene of a very happy family possibly celebrating christmas and he would open the present from his son and it would be a golf towel that has “Daddy” written on it! This part of the commercial would show the love and thankfulness the family is sharing and the excitement about the new personalized golf towel!

After this I would go to a scene of the father playing golf and doing exactly what the intro had said! The music playing would be the beginning of the song “Paradise” By Coldplay. When he reaches for the golf towel it will show how much use a person can get out of a personalized golf towel and it will ensure the audience that a personalized golf towel can be an amazing gift!

The end of the commercial will fade out to a black screen and a website address and phone number will appear with a voice saying how you can order your own personalized golf towel online and also the stores and the number you can call to order one.

They say it is the thought that counts, and this thought is pretty great 🙂

Written by: Brooklyn Rinas
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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Short and sweet Brooklyn Rinas . You did the link perfectly. And there arent that many golf towels so good for you being original . Pls dont forget to add tags and category information .

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