The day has finally come, it’s the final night of the competition! Tonight we crown the new Miss Teen Canada World 2013, that is just too amazing. I want to take this time in my blog so can thank everyone who made this experience such an amazing Time! A big thank-you to my parents who got me here and always supported me and a very big thank you to Michelle and Christi and the rest of the staff of Miss Teen Canada World. And of course, thank you so much to all of our sponsors for sponsoring us all girls such amazing things!! And to all of you 65 girls, I have gotten to know each and everyone on of you, and your all amazing, smart, talented, and beautiful girls! I hope to stay in touch with each and everyone of you.


Thank-you everyone! I had such a great time!


Xoxo- Brooklyn Rinas. Miss Teen Weyburn World 2013.

Written by: Brooklyn Rinas
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